The Road to NM 2016 #3 – Making the Realm of the Dead


To be honest I can live with the handicap of no summoning in this tournament because these bases where a lot of work!

Since last time I’ve built up the bases and fitted roots and bones on the bases. It looks pretty shitty at the moment but with my post-apocalyptic basing technique I’ll try to tie it all together.

Here’s how it looks after I applied the mess on.


I basically just piled it on and used a dry brush just to get the bones and roots to show. With this done I’m leaving it overnight just to let it cure properly.


Well if I where making traditional tomb kings I’d leave them like this tbh but I achieved what I wanted and that was bases with a desolate look but with plenty of texture. I really like this way of doing it!

Next will be a starting the job of fitting and converting the miniatures.


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