Betrayal at Calth – Should I get in or not?


If there ever was a time to get on the 30k train I guess it would be now – but should I and if I do which legion should I choose?

The HH books have undoubtedly intrigued me as much as the next guy. Especially the novels from ADB which are frankly amazing! But I still find the transition over to miniatures and an army at that to be right out of reach. Part has been price. FW do cost a premium and I’ve never been able to justify it to myself or my family. But maybe as important I find it hard to figure out how I’d want to do it. I love kitbashing, converting and painting it like it’s been through a grinder. Stock is quite frankly boring to me. I believe that’s the very reason I could easily trade my Death Korps away. Beautiful miniatures but downright boring in my eyes.

So where does this lead to? Frankly I don’t know and I’ve discussed this several times with different friends but I could never buy into a pitch.

Still let’s go through those legions that are most likely for me.

Space wolves
This is without a doubt one of my favorite legions but I kinda feel that Migsula killed them with his fantastic Vlka Fenryka. How can one possibly top this?!

Alpha legion
Another legion good old Migs just straight up knocked out of the park! Though I enjoy their mysterious background.

Imperial Fists
In some ways boring but yet not. Anyone painting themselves bright yellow and duking it out in a trench is more than a tad cuckoo. I think my painting style would fit this army but that’s about it.

Iron Warriors
Here’s an army my good friend Dean has straight up nailed so I’m not exactly feeling it.

Dark Angels
On the subject of Dean he actually wanted me to do the 1st legion. I was dumbstruck by it but it has taken an itsy bitsy root if I’m completely honest.

White Scars
Another one of my all time favorites. Dean is actually in the process of using the BaC set to reinforce these but I guess even I could get some fun out of these.

Word Bearers
As far as converting, kitbashing and my gritty paintjob the Bearers of the Word strike most chords. My issue with them is that I find them rather daft from the novels. Still I guess these could make a potential cut.

World Eaters
What’s not to like, especially after reading ADBs masterpiece Betrayer. But in a miniature world I find them a tad boring and one dimensional.

Death Guard
Interesting but done to death basically

That’s the legions just from the top of my head but if you could offer some advice. What would you like to see me do taking these 2 factors into account:

1) Conversion and kitbash potential.

2) Gritty “blanchitsu” style paintjob


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16 thoughts on “Betrayal at Calth – Should I get in or not?

  1. Payce says:

    Number 1 is flat out Iron Warriors. They have so much more going for them in terms of armour modification and equipement than anyone, sans perhaps the Iron Hands.

    Number 2, I would actually say the Imperial Fists. The potential to grit up yellow is immense simply because it’s a pigmented colour, yet at the same time light enough to really show everything. Just look at the Bad Moon.

    Speaking of done to death though, Space Wolves, really? 😉

    • 1) Well I guess you’re unto something and I could tie them in with my darkmech I guess. Though I do need to figure out a very clear way of doing them my way though.

      2) From a painting standpoint I totally agree and with all of the BT bits I got from you it could have potential I guess.

      3) Hey man, space vikings freaking rock! :p

  2. Wudugast says:

    Ok, just reading through your list of possible contenders, by your own admission you’re not that excited by Iron Warriors (dunno why – they’d be amazing), Word Bearers, World Eaters and Death Guard. You’re also not sounding too jazzed up about the Fists either so I’ll put them on the discard pile as well for now.

    That leaves the Wolves, Alphas, Dark Angels and White Scars. The last you describe as ‘one of your all time favourites’ which has to move them up the list a bit. Your criteria also calls for conversion potential and that’s definitely the case with the Scars (there’s so much more to them than just Space Marines in white armour – this could be a real chance to explore that). However they tend to be all about speed, with lots of bikes etc, so the mostly footslogging crew of the Betrayal at Calth box may not be the best place to start.

    Dark Angels also seem like they could be really interesting from a kitbashing point of view, there’s plenty of knights and, of course, the 40k Dark Angels range to source bits from. Or you could throw in your inclination towards Chaos and explore the legion that was left behind on Caliban. Seen the Fallen Angels ADB showed on his blog? Think they’re Eddie Eccles work – damn impressive anyway.

    • That’s a great way of looking at it. Scars would also give me a palette I don’t have at the moment and weathering white is quite awesome. I agree that the starter box isn’t ideal though but I could work around it by using 40k bikes and repurpose them. Interestingly enough I actually have RT era jetbikes and marines I planned on using for something like this a couple of years ago. If I extend those bikes and merge in newer kits maybe I could pull something fun off?

      Oh that DA army I’d just fantastic. Whoever did it just massacred that one 🙂

      Btw from your initial reaction it seems the IW would rank highest or am I wrong? If yes, why?

      • Wudugast says:

        Well, if it was me in your shoes Iron Warriors would be up at the top of the shortlist (next to Night Lords, maybe Blood Angels, and various others depending on my mood). However, it’s not me – its you, so it’s up to you to pick what you’d enjoy most. Basically I just love Iron Warriors 🙂
        Regarding the White Scars they’re one of the few, maybe the only, Legion that I’ve not seen someone really, really nail. For all the others there’s at least one army out there that you look at and think ‘that’s just perfect – that is how that army would really be’. The Scars never seem to get that kind of love – I suppose everyone that wants to do that kind of tribal/tech-barbarian look chooses the Wolves instead. Maybe they’re out there and I’ve just forgotten about them or not seen them but I feel they’re a little bit overlooked (so maybe I have a vested interest in pushing you towards them!)

      • Isn’t it funny that it actually plays into the very theme of the HH book Scars (if you read it of course)? I’m thinking of the unknown and frankly underestimated position they hold.

        Well I think the Scars hold the top position as of now. It’s definitely a Legion with a ton of potential. Just grimdark the hell out of it but bring out the noble nomadic hunters in them. I can even see potential in using the BaC box if I get some rhinos and a Spartan or something like that. Or do the whole biker thing.

        Things to contemplate on 🙂

  3. Just get all of em! 😃

  4. Wilhelm says:

    What about Emperors Children? You could have Fabius Bile as your boss guy, and spice the up the rest of the army with fleshy “improvements” as he would call it. I think FW’s Kakophoni noise marines would look great in your painting style. Evil Emperors Children would be the most interesting Legion to paint in a Blanchitsu inspired scheme.

  5. […] when I first started thinking of 30k it was actually Wilhelm that came with the suggestion to make EC and it wasn’t on my shortlist of contenders even […]

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