Chapter 666 #5 – Brother Dauger


The man in the iron mask, 
Has only one thing to ask. 
That you stop all the self-pity; 
And end all the falsity..

I’m enjoying myself with this whole truescale shenanigans 🙂


I see this one as an ordinary battle-brother while the first one..

image more the sergeant type. Yeah makes sense to me.


I’m still working on the candles but I think I’ve found a good method now.


I’m hoping the weather improves soon so I can get some of these basecoated!


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6 thoughts on “Chapter 666 #5 – Brother Dauger

  1. I’m liking them mate

  2. Wudugast says:

    Very nice once again. Only in 40k would someone actually think that going into battle wearing power-armour with candles stuck to it is a sensible and normal thing to do…

  3. Migs says:

    Really cool. I LOVE the candles.

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