Battle report: Clash of the Titans!


My Four Horsemen finally face off against House Tanar Kii – meaning Chaos Knight titans versus Imperial Knight titans!

This has been a game long overdue actually. We originally planned to start it in August but alas this autumn has been a beast at work for us all. Now however..



Pre-game stuff
1500 points
All knights
Best of 3 games
Deployment: Vanguard strike
Mission: Purge the Alien

Anders’ House of Tanar Kii


He runs the Baronial Court formation.

Baron Nuk
– Knight Errant
– Knight seneschal, +1 attack

– Knight Errant

– Knight Paladin

DoS – Denial of Service
– Knight Warden

My Four Horsemen
I use Household Detachment


Alton the Reborn
– Knight Errant
– Princeps
– Ion bulwark, rr failed invulnerable save of 1s

Morbitos the Spirit Leech
– Knight Paladin

– Knight Gallant

Cyclops the One-eyed King
– Knight Crusader
– Rapid fire battlecannon

Turn 1


I get to choose both side and who goes first – so I go first but the lucky git seized..

He move slightly forward with his errants then target my gallant. I save the first volleys but his paladin take 1 hp off Knightmare.

My turn I move my gallant as far up as I can so he can assault next turn if he survive. The rest target his center errant but only take 1 hp.

Slow start!

Turn 2
Anders’ errants both go for my gallant. Chain explosion in waiting?


He then target my errant but make sure to use the stubbers on my gallant so can charge me. Errant take 1 hp but my gallant is reduced to 1 hp. Ouch.

In the assault phase it’s only my gallant in reach but he’s assaulted by two errants but only one reach. They trade blows but the gallant obviously explode giving away First Blood. His errant then dies from that explosion resulting in a catastrophic explosion that scattered towards his own knights – lol! 😀 His remaining errant only take 1 hp.

My turn.


I shoot but only take a couple of hp over two knights..My errant then charge his warden. He has overwatch but fail to wound. I then pound the scrap out of him before he can retaliate. Unfortunately I’m within the most dangerous area..but he rolled a 1 – PUH 😀

Turn 3


I feel surrounded..


Yep I’m definitely surrounded!
Crusader take a few hits from his paladin but save. My errant survive the melta but it’s going to be a rough one now!


My guy dies and just barely managed to take his paladin with him. He’s on 1 hp left. Still I’m under 0-2 as he got slay the warlord.

In my turn I obviously target the paladin. Luckily I just managed to take 1 hp off and hence killing him. His errant only take 1 hp though.

Turn 4


Quick turn for Anders. He neither managed to wound me nor charge me.

I move out of charge range and fire.


I take two hp off combined leaving him at one left..

Turn 5
He goes for my crusader. He gets a full on hit but I save. He then failed the charge again.


I then moved away and out on each side to force his hand when it came to his shield. I started with my crusader and he decided to risk it and use his shield against the paladin on the side. The crusader then get 3 penetrate from the gatling blowing him up!

I win 6-4 🙂

Post game thoughts
Well that was just crazy fun! I can’t wait for the next round of..




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2 thoughts on “Battle report: Clash of the Titans!

  1. Odie says:

    That looks like a lot of fun. Reminds me of the old days and games of Titanicus.

    • It was a ton of fun and very unpredictable in fact 🙂 I thought I made a major mistake by not using a formation and with my deployment. Luck has it that my deployment was what gave me the upper hand as the gallant especially took so much focus from Anders that my other units remained unscathed. I’d actually go as far as calling him my mvp just because he set everything up for a proper smash.

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