Chapter 666 #7 – What is truescale?


After getting a question on B&C about how my truescale Grey Knights actually scale up I thought I’d write a little post about that in case more people would like to know

As I mentioned earlier when I made my first truescale, the tech-marine for the Info-Executioners I use this tutorial as my method. There’s obviously a lot of talented truescalers but I guess Doghouse and Apologist are the godfathers of the genre.

But this was how my rookie efforts scale up was it not 🙂 Here’s my two Barrys.


A bog standard Space Marine (or Dark Angel for the keen eyed) and one of my HHH (Humble Human Henchman) for my Dark Mechanicus. As you can see the space marine is basically the same size as a normal human and this is basically the entire reason for the “truescale movement”. And you know what, I agree with it. It doesn’t look even close to what you’re reading in the fluff.

So how does this look beside one of mine.


I had to elevate the Barry to get him on an equal footing. As you can see here the difference is mildly put striking. The truescale scream imposing and make the stock one look puny. This is why I can never do stock marines again. There’s simply no way back!

But does the truescale look imposing by the HHH?


As with the other Barry I had to elevate here as well. Beyond that I think the scaling between them look much more in line with what you’d expect based on the fluff. And this is the simple reason for taking a not so simple way in making marines like they should be 🙂

Here’s a parting pic with them all.



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