Chapter 666 #6 – Covering fire!


Brother Michael provides covering fire for his battle-brothers.

This build was way more complicated than you’d think so it’s taken me a few days.


Here you can see where I had to lengthen the ammo feed. Not half bad.


The white stuff on the candles is the superglue. Looks worse than it is in reality.


I like the intensity the face displays.


Quite the determined one I’d say! Two more brothers and I have a mini squad actually 🙂


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3 thoughts on “Chapter 666 #6 – Covering fire!

  1. I like him. Looks like a heavy load on his back and a heavy weapon too but I’m sure the burden of the Emperor is a lot heavier!

  2. […] I’ve always liked the heavy bolter. It’s just a very cool gun! This btw is one of those builds that are way more difficult than you’d think from looking at it. More on Brother Theodore here. […]

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