..of Matters Arcane and Magic #5


As advertised, here’s a group pic and update on Windblade.

I’m working on several miniatures at the same time but some are further along than others. I’m now almost finished with Windblade. First here’s the sketch again.


And here’s the status now.


It’s not a carbon copy but the core elements are there.


I’m struggling to find room for the staff so I think I’m making a familiar or two.


I’m quite pleased at how he scale up to the Chosen ones.


Thoughts so far?


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12 thoughts on “..of Matters Arcane and Magic #5

  1. Remnante says:

    It was definitely worth lengthening his beak and arms, it looks great now they’re all filled in. I like how, despite his lack of bulk compared to the other two, he still looks like the most imposing presence. I can’t wait to see what’s next!

  2. Adam Wier says:

    Thanks for the update, the warband is shaping up really well. The changes to Windblade look great and really elevate him up another level. The long slender beak and the face in his stomach look superb! I like the idea of making some familiars to carry some of his other wargear; no reason to clutter the model of Windblade.

    Keep up the great work!

  3. Odie says:

    Windblade looks really, really good here. The changes to the whole head assembly really emphasize how long and unnatural his frame is, and set off that haughty shoulder/arched-back positioning he has – almost makes him regal.

    This is by far the best group you’ve done. Looking forward to paint.

    • Cheers Odie 🙂 And I totally agree on the fact that the hint of regal posture really sells it. You can imagine what this stick thin creature must have in power and confidence to get such monsters to follow.

  4. Eric Wier says:

    Excellent looking warband! I really love that sketch, and am happy to see someone actually try to create it. I like the extended arms and beak, it makes it look more like the picture, and gives the creature more of an otherworldy look to it.

    Also, you were selected as one of the winners Between the Bolter and Me’s Best Models of 2015! If you could contact us at: betweenthebolterandme@gmail.com, we can send the model out!

    • Thank you Eric 🙂
      Mine is obviously not an exact replicate but as I really like the details on the Gaunt Summoners sculpt I decided to keep most where I could.
      Very exciting that you’ve found some of my work up there! Email sent.

  5. Warhammer Lives says:

    Can I ask you what you used for his face? thanks!

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