..of Matters Arcane and Magic #9


After an ignominious loss in Blood Bowl due to a lack of painting mojo (Nuffle giveth and taketh!)..so I cracked out the greenstuff!

Carrying equipment is already far beneath Hurvald Windblade so I made a couple of familiars for him.


They’re just fun little miniatures with no in-game meaning.


Should be fun painting though.


And they where definitely great fun to make.


Otherwise I’m working on finishing the Chosen. I’ve had to do some changes as nr.3 weren’t cutting it. More on that later!



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15 thoughts on “..of Matters Arcane and Magic #9

  1. Haha I like these little critters especially the one that is all head.

  2. legatho30 says:

    Impressive work…. hat off buddy !

  3. Wudugast says:

    Love the two familiars, especially the one with the staff. You may have just inspired me with a recipe for pink horrors (I can’t be doing with the official ones). Regarding the one with the staff where is the head from? At first I thought it was a giant but the nose looks too narrow?

  4. Cheers Migs πŸ™‚ Note the extra row of teeth within his mouth. Nifty little detail I like a lot myself.

  5. Migs says:

    So what’s the plan for paint?

    • Well good question really as I haven’t decided 100% yet but I have a special metallic paint I’ll try on the armour and for the skin and mutations I think I’ll mix between the pale norsca towards the blue/pink of daemonic tzeentch.

  6. Remnante says:

    Great work! I love the creepy book wielder

  7. […] To achieve wysiwyg on my lord I needed to add a staff. Now I couldn’t for the life of me find a solution that didn’t mess up the uncluttered and almost noble model. So I added in a few familiars for carrying stuff. More on them here. […]

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