..of Matters Arcane and Magic #17



I’m still learning how to use my new phone. Only had natural daylight as light source but not a new gradient background so I used the Tamurkhan book.


Beyond that I’m very happy with the end result. Hrungne looks absolutely brutal imo.


Next in line for some painting will be Hurvald and his familiars. This is to get some of that backlog finished 🙂 Also it’s because those Dragon Ogres are taking forever.


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11 thoughts on “..of Matters Arcane and Magic #17

  1. Wudugast says:

    Wow, what a thing to see over my morning coffee! The whole beast is brilliantly twisted but that face nails it! You set the bar high with the initial creation and you’ve matched it with the paint work. Liking the new style of taking pictures as well, much clearer than before 🙂

  2. ejhenries says:

    Ace work. I really like the axe held by the two arms and the head is great, he reminds me of the monster from a childhood picture book…. what was the name (one Google second later), ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ by Sendak. He reminds me of him, if he had lived in the Chaos Wastes 😛

  3. Toni says:

    Wow wow!
    The level of photography finally does justice! You seem to be having a tremendous year going on. Really good work!
    If you can inject this amount of originality into your emperors children…

  4. Migs says:

    Easily your best model ever!!! So characterful, a fantastic mix of Nordic folklore imagery and Games Workshop mythos. Superb work Tommy!!!

    • Thank you Migs! So many have seen the outside influences that’s present in this warband finally now with Hrungne. I feel that our nordic heritage is very natural with Chaos as it’s some dark and twisted stuff.

  5. Adam Wier says:

    Incredible looking model. I can’t get over how creepy and unique he is! I love the tiny beady eyes and how they contract the massive horns. The paint scheme you came up with works really well, the reds are particularity impressive, reinforcing the raw and brutal nature of the creature.

    A model to be proud of!

    • Thank you 😀 I think I can well agree with Migs that this is probably my best miniature to date. It really showcase the complete spectrum I want to display with this warband in one miniature (even though it’s not “mini” per say).

      But I can assure you all that this project is far from done and I haven’t even begun the largest undertaking I’ve got planned!

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