..of Matters Arcane and Magic #20


Baudbar Doomkindred and his familiar Arthruxxar join Windblade..

Remember this one that I showed a few weeks ago?


Inspired by “old Eric” or the devil as he’s known as in English..



..I came up with Baudbar Doomkindred.


The familiar is obviously there so I can use him in the army as Windblade didn’t have room for him on the aether sfinx.


I really like the mini-diorama as the two miniatures interact. Look closely and you can barely see that his head is a merger of three heads.


Baudbar is obviously from several kits but I’m pleased with the end result as the key feature I like the most on the runemaster (his face) is still the most prominent feature.



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10 thoughts on “..of Matters Arcane and Magic #20

  1. legatho30 says:

    This is Fantastic ! I’d like to see more pics of the Doomkindred

  2. I took me I closer look to notice the clever merge of 3 heads, even after I read it. Great Model! To me it even eclipses Windblade (on foot)

    • Thank you! I wanted to create another twisted but noble hero for this warband. I like the fact that they are long and elegant while the rest are twisted monstrosities.

  3. Remnante says:

    Fantastic work! I can’t wait to see these painted so I can make out the details a little better. I can’t help but feel the duo would look better based separately though? Are they together for gameplay reasons?

    • Thank you 🙂
      Yeah they’re on the same base for gaming purposes. This is to avoid confusion as the familiar serve no function but being a cool miniature. Mainly it’s carrying that staff that’s there for WYSIWYG.

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