..of Matters Arcane and Magic #21


I made an adjustment to my list. Out with 10 bestigors and in with 3 chaos ogres!

I simply had to do it. With my remaining plans for this project my motivation for making 10 highly customized bestigors weren’t particularly high. So with only one made so far, one that still looks more like an ogre nonetheless it was actually an easy choice.



I used the Gaunt Summoners disc as a banner top with an added eye inside. Since I only have one banner bearer in the warband it’s okay to actually have a big ass banner as a focal point.



The musician. I guess the drum is the weapon but that fist probably does more than enough damage. Should rulewise be a Hornblower but I think this is still WYSIWYG.



The Ogre Mutant, leader of the trio is transforming into something greater, tendrils erupting from his flesh.


All in all I like their feral and violent appearance. They just look like a world of pain.

Oh and I’ve finally got a playable list 😀


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4 thoughts on “..of Matters Arcane and Magic #21

  1. Legatho says:

    Hell yeah ! Awesome ! Love those mutties / ogres they look brutal and so badass !

  2. Charles Rink says:

    Love the ogres. Whats the base model for them?

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