Kingdom Death: Multi-part kit challenge


Here’s my Amazon for Kingdom Death..

If you don’t know what Kingdom Death is check it out here. It’s all rather impressive and right up my alley tbh!

When Odie from Heavy Static sent me an email asking if I wanted to receive the KD multipart box to build and paint a miniature as part of the Between the Bolter and Me challenge I wasn’t hard to ask to put it like that 🙂

Even though Odie was quick to send me the box I admittedly was a bit slow to get started. The box is jam packed with all kinds of parts and you can really build an amazing amount of variety from it. So I’m not entirely in agreement to the Wier brothers here. As it was so unfamiliar compared to what I’m used to I needed to orientate properly.

In the end I let 3 factors guide me:
1) it would be a strong female survivor, lithe but very dangerous – akin to the warriors in Y the last man.

2) no pin-ups, I hate those. This article from Between the Bolter and Me show why you should too.

3) gritty and dark as per my “usual”

So what does this all equal out to then. Well here’s the WiPs.


I used a male torso as the cloth was very handy for displaying the scars after the removed breast according to at least the myth about amazons. I felt it was a suitable way of making here come out as a person that is strong enough take the toughest decisions.


I sculpted a very subtle and natural breast for the remaining breast. The head features a mask. In my mind this is someone she’s skinned that tried to cross her.


I added a sickle as I thought this is both what she used to remove the breast, skin the face that she uses as a mask and for close protection in general. The base is just a bunch of faces. Very creepy.

Over to the painted version.





I’ve tried my hardest for restraint and getting as many small details in there as I could. I must admit I loved building and painting this miniature and looking a bit closer on the Kingdom Death stuff I could well see me painting more from this range 🙂

The box will now be sent to WilhelMiniatures and I can imagine that will really produce something amazing!


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25 thoughts on “Kingdom Death: Multi-part kit challenge

  1. Eric M Wier says:

    What an awesome model! You certainly were able to pick out some of the better pieces to create something very Kingdom Death, yet also your own. It is nice to see you have steered clear of the horrible pin-up qualities that are possible with some of the KD model. She has an excellent sense of motion to her, which only serves to make her into a frightening warrior. The gritty, muted paint scheme also fits well with the grim setting of Kingdom Death.

    Thanks for taking part in the challenge!

    • Thanks for having me and thanks for the kind words Eric 🙂
      I’ve seen more pieces I’d love to try my hand, like those knights they have and some of the more grotesque monsters. Pity they’re very pricey but I’ll afford myself a model or two I think 🙂

  2. Jordan Lee says:

    A very nice departure from your usual. What a great idea via the Wier brothers. I’ll have to look for some Kingdom Death miniatures in the future I think.

  3. Alex says:

    Oh man, she is creepy… the atmosphere of this piece puts me in mind of Silent Hill! Love this mate, and kudos for avoiding the pin-up approach.

  4. Adam Wier says:

    Fantastic work with those multi-part plastic sprues! You have perfectly captured the grim hopelessness I associate Kingdom Death with.

    You have achieved your 3 goals for the model very well. I love your idea to create a warrior women based around the Amazons. Your choice of components and sculpting work really capture that theme well. The grimy and dark color scheme further reinforce the theme. Overall it is just a wonderful miniature, oozing with character and personality.

    Thank you for taking part in the Challenge!

    • Thanks again for having me and thanks for the kind comments 🙂
      It’s been a true eyeopener and as I mentioned earlier in the comments I’ll definitely revisit KD later as the mature and serious aspect appeals very strongly to me.

  5. Odie says:

    Congrats on finishing her up. The base is really drawing my eye – love what you’ve done with it.

    I’m glad you found the experience of using the KD pieces an enjoyable one – by contrast, I’ve found it to be such an uninspired slog to get through the kit, that I’m still forcing my way through the pieces I took from the challenge even though I had them first! And man, have I had to take my survivor in a weird direction to keep my interest up…I don’t know if I can even call it a “survivor” anymore…it’s gotten pretty grim.

    Anyway, I’ll be talking about that at length once I post up my own figure, but I’m going to make a serious push to finish my survivor soon.

    Congrats, again!

  6. Odie says:

    I have four different projects I’d rather be working on, including some long overdue writing, but I’ve made it a goal to not start the other things before the KD figure is finished to try and motivate me to wrap it up.

    The figure itself is nearly done – I just have a crucial bit of greenstuff sculpting to do, so I’m going to bite the bullet and try to get that done this weekend. After that, I’d really like to have paint done sometime next week – the sooner the better.

    It also helps that my leg/hip injury has gotten to a point of wellness enough to allow me to sit at the hobby desk again, so maybe that will speed things along as well.

    • First off great hearing that you’re getting better 🙂
      Four projects actually! Well that’s plastic crack for you and I’m in it just as hard, lol! But yeah I’m excited to see your take no doubt.

  7. Great piece mate. It’s so full of character. I’m off to look up Kingdom death.

  8. […] All WiPs and more painted pictures here. […]

  9. Ruins of Arotha says:

    Nice work there, really nice model. I too hate the pin-ups, it’s just lame. I’ve been looking at this myself recently but I can’t front $400 for one boxed game :/

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