..of Matters Arcane and Magic #39


Does anyone remember the Sorcerer King Hurvald…?

This is the ultimate version of Hurvald..a mighty warrior and sorcerer..


Though still shackled to the whims of change..




Yet all seeing..


Flickering in and out of reality..no one..most likely not even himself knows where he goes..nor why anymore..

Such is the ways of change..

He’s physically small but I feel he exudes power. Besides I don’t like the roided look for tzeentch.

Color wise I’m really letting loose now.

Only one miniature and one article left in this series..it will be both relief and melancholy completing this..


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7 thoughts on “..of Matters Arcane and Magic #39

  1. Alex says:

    Woah, that is flippin’ brilliant mate, one of the best conversions I have seen for a while, excellent choice of bits, and the painting is bang on. I love how the funereal feeling of the shrouded lower half interacts with the riot of colour on the top. Simply brilliant!

  2. Wudugast says:

    The evolution of Hurvald continues! Really enjoying how this is still recognisably the same character as before, yet stretched into an ascended form. Great stuff mate!

  3. ejhenries says:

    Very cool, ideal given Warhammer Quest Silver Tower is around the corner. GW will yet again relieve me of some pounds, kind of want two sets so that I can decimate the models for components! Tangent aside, epic conversion beautifully painted.

    • Cheers mate! Yeah I can’t wait until the set comes and I’ll definitely use miniatures from my PtG warband as substitutes in the game. This is so I can use the actual ones for other purposes. I love the miniatures in it don’t get me wrong but it doesn’t sit well with me just doing stock 🙂

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