Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower


It came to me, my own, my love, my precious..

I’ve finally received my copy of Silver Tower! 🙂

The original Hero Quest and Warhammer Quest games were my gateway into the hobby – I loved those games! Sadly my original games where lost but a couple of years ago I got hold of a complete Hero Quest for a decent sum and now I’m biding my time for the first WHQ.

Anyway the point is, Silver Tower triggered something in me that would not be refused (nostalgia in part I guess) so I dived in headfirst! Especially since tzeentch is the key antagonist here. I mean seriously, I stood no chance 😉



The well known box per now. Actually it's smaller than I thought.


I bought it with some WDs.


Bonus here is the character card for a nurgle lord and I know just the friend who'd like that!


The jam packed contents. I'd definitely need a suitcase to carry around the miniatures.


Bewildering amount of content here and I definitely need more time to orientate and plan what I want to do with it.


Heroes and Summoner. This is exactly like the clam packs.


These are leaflets not books but I won't judge anything until I've played it.


Cards and dice. Note the character card for a battle mage. I got it with my order and as he was my fav character from the original I'm very pleased.


Here's all sides of the rooms as well as tokens. I won't comment on each.








All in all very atmospheric and alien and I like that.

Verdict so far
This is all looking very promising so far and I’m trying to create interest in my group for some games – which looks positive BTW. In fact I think it’s no wonder that this release is so exciting because we can finally see the contours of AoS outside of Stormcast and Khorne 🙂

I’m also a big fan of the app and for the chance to expand it through that medium. Having such a large pool of characters to choose from so early is a massive bonus imo and it gives people the chance to bring their own favorite characters.

Finally I’d say that the low rules content isn’t really that worrying as I see AoS as almost limitless in how you can layer and expand it as we go. This is just the start I’d wager.

My plan
Well if you’re a regular of this blog you know I have no qualms with chopping up and using both oop and brand new kits as I see fit.

There’s nothing different now just as you know 😉

Though I’ll use my PtG warband for what it’s worth. I have simply put too many hours into those miniatures not to and I want to free up some of the Silver Tower miniatures for other..stuff..like projects..and yeah..probably an offering to the glorious bitz box 😉


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9 thoughts on “Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower

  1. Alex says:

    It’s a great box of goodness mate – I have mine, and I got a demo game in at the FLGS too, and it’s pretty darn good. Lacks the ‘out of game’ goodness of WQ, but still a great intro.
    Might be of interest to you – Battlefoam are doing a Silver Tower carry case already with room for minis, cards, dice, tiles etc. It’s on a 4 to 5 week lead time, but looks the business 🙂

    • Cheers for the tip but with my plans my battlebox will have to step in 🙂
      If we’re lucky I think it’ll be expanded as they broaden the WHQ realms. It’s quite ingenious as its built now because they can take it any which way (realm, faction, etc). It’s bleeping awesome times mate 😀

      • Alex says:

        That it is Brother, that it is… I can easily imagine WQ Plague Tower, Blood Tower, Vermin Tower etc. etc… Heck, they may even give Slaanesh some love!

      • Definitely! Though for some reason the Celestial Realm strikes me as something really cool and the Shadow Realm

  2. Riot says:

    It’s a quality box set and fun to play. We were so excited we tried to paint the lot up in 24 hour!

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