Nestorian Infestation #22


..and the influence of the Cult grows..


Wilhelm is as most know by now just killing it with his cult. For my own part I’ll stick to my guns and go on as I’ve planned from the get go (note me and Wilhelm only do very minor coordination to let the project flow more naturally).

This is the first part in a trilogy. I did the same thing with my Ordo Xenos where part 1 was the Deathwatch, part 2 Berrugoete and retinue and part 3 the shuttle and crew.

Now I won’t be a spoilsport revealing all I have planned for the cult but here’s the beginning.

Part 1: The Bonnie and his thugs

Being the second son of the nephew to the Matriarch was a quagmire. No common born but yet nowhere near anything worthy of a position.

Kasimir of the House Silvestre was such a man. Though his ruthless and ambitious nature had at least landed him a position in the Perimeter Guard. There he surrounded himself with other men who wanted nothing but taking out their frustration of their own inability in violence.

And so Kasimir the Bonnie was known, a petty thug with lofty aspirations..

No wonder he fell to the whispering promises of the Cult..


From left; "the Bonnie" and the low ranking magos he's been appointed.


Various henchmen, vicious thugs in reality.


The big guy with a spore gun.


Grim xeno-tech.


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10 thoughts on “Nestorian Infestation #22

  1. Asslessman says:

    Wonderful conversions ! the big guy is especially clever ! Really looking forward to seeing them painted.

  2. Nice conversions and as always I love the fluff.

  3. Alex says:

    Oh yeah, this is lookin’ good mate… I do like a good cult 🙂

  4. Lexington says:

    Goodness, is that a 2nd Ed-era plastic Warrior head on the Big Guy? Great idea. Now convinced I have to do something Orky with that old Maneater body…

  5. Greg says:

    I love seeing the second edition Hive Tyrant venom canon on the brute (maybe it was not a venom canon, I don’t know the Tyranid weapon names). I always loved the second edition Hive tyrant. And you used a head from the original plastic Tyranid warriors!

    These are all great. I also like seeing the old power fist commissar being utilized. Excellent to see some really old models come back.

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