Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower #2


I’ve worked hard on my first hero the Darkoath Chieftain and here’s the results!

Note I’m a fan of the original model but the head really fits in what I have planned for my 30k EC and I wanted to distinguish my Chieftain anyways.


I basically opted for the classic barbarian look. Maybe boring for some but I’m very pleased with it!


I think it’s because I’m a product of the eighties and big muscled heroes where quite the thing.


Okay. So I removed the stuff the excess stuff on his shoulder armour as he wouldn’t have been able to swing his sword properly with those things physically in the way.


The sword is big so I made a longer haft so he can use both hands and be able to adjust his grip.


“Heroic hair, blowing in the wind”


The axe I mounted on the belt as it can’t be used simultaneously with the sword even if he’s a big fellow.


Like freaking massive.

And that’s about it! Next up it’s the first of the adversaries.


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19 thoughts on “Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower #2

  1. You cut him up! *shock*

    His repose is great though, so I forgive you.

    I hope you get around to using your PtG warband in the game somehow!

  2. Alex says:

    Very nice, and I salute your bravery in cutting him up! Funnily enough, I’ve been building my (standard) WQST heros over the weekend… 99.9% very impressive minis – especially the Elves! The Dwarf is a bit Marmite though, and is the only stinker imo :-/

  3. heresyofus says:

    Nice conversion work. The classic stance is well balanced with his left hand open like he’s asking the question ” Why shouldn’t I cut your head off. ” Looking forward to the paint work 🙂

  4. Very cool mate. Very Conan-esque!! I love the sword and the damaged armour. Good work on the hair too.

  5. Legatho says:

    Is Frazetta now living in your mind ? The barbarian vibe is really present in your mini, more than the Chaotic side, and it’s really a cool result… NIce work !

  6. ejhenries says:

    Awesome alterations, really like what you’ve done. I just rapidly assembled mine stock as our group decided to try the game out last minute Wednesday just gone. Cracking game.

  7. Joe B. says:

    I like the classic look! It is an irony that you took a brand new sculpt and turned him into an 80s pose 🙂

  8. Greg says:

    Very nice work. I like the original model, but was a little perplexed with his “I’m standing here pose.” GW has done a pretty good job of making fairly dynamic models as of late (but sometimes they take dynamism a little too far and make some wonky looking stuff). You have made a much more subtle and interesting pose. I think the sword on the base model is a little too big for my tastes, but your extending on the handle makes it make more sense.

    • Thank you Greg 🙂 I tried to reign in the model as the gigantic weapons are rather baffling and I wanted to bring it back to the more eighties look of muscled heroes.

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