Epic Ork Warband no.1

With the stompas out of the way the rest of the warband came together quickly.

As my good friend Azmodai said on Facebook; “Seems to me like you’re totally unable to leave a mini like it was made to be :p ”

Well it’s the truth and I couldn’t avoid doing some conversions on the infantry cans the squiggoths.

The major thing here was swapping the banner with a glyph on a new banner pole. Absurdly difficult to get that pin in place without ruining the model.

Shokk Attack Guns (SAG) are a favorite of mine in regular 40k so had to add these when I could.

Fantastic little miniatures but they where a bit too 2d so I swapped the top turret to get a bit more 3d feel.

I’m having a great time working with this army and as my WHQ is still airing out expect a string of updates in the coming days 🙂


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5 thoughts on “Epic Ork Warband no.1

  1. Wudugast says:

    Looking good mate – where are the little turrets on the squigoths from?

    • Cheers! It’s from the mega-gargant actually – I have two nib. Personally I find the mega variants extremely goofy so I’ll definitely do more with them but next in line is the great-gargant.

  2. Alex says:

    Nice work, and your timing is impeccable mate, I hear Forge World are revamping Adeptus Titanicus soon – Horus Heresy stuff first, but other races to follow…

  3. […] Got loads of Epic done this week. The first ork warband detachment you can see more of here and here. […]

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