Epic Battle fortress mob.

Go big or go home – here’s my battle fortresses!

Among the best miniatures I got in the lot I had to add them though I did obviously tinker a bit on them.

If anyone is curious about scale, here’s a fortress with a normal battle wagon.

The battle fortress is truly massive!

Over to a picdump.

The warlord is marked out by banners and a better equipped ride.

The small add-ons to the smoke stacks really make a difference.

I’ve tried to make each one individual but yet coherent as a mob.

Next up will be the Kult of Speed I think.


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4 thoughts on “Epic Battle fortress mob.

  1. Thoma says:

    Nice work, great conversions- very Orky!

  2. ejhenries says:

    I just could bring myself to work with something so fiddly. Props to your commitment to converting 😉

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