Epic Kult of Speed

Having a vacation is great as I have loads of time compared to normal for the hobby! Today it’s the KoS.

I do have a substantial amount of buggies, bikes and boar boys but I went with these classic miniatures with just a few turret swaps here and there as I love the base models.

Originally these all had different rules but I’ll only use them as battle wagons.

The details and charm of these models are far superior the plastic ones!

The weirdboy battle wagon. This shouldn’t even be remotely possible driving at high speeds!

The Death Ray. Very cool!

Lifta Droopa. Another implausible but charming vehicle.

The Warboss’ ride.

A mash-up of various vehicles and marked with a banner.

Even if the battle wagons are small I had to extend the smoke stacks.

Well that should leave the last ork warband detachment before I can start with the great-gargant(s) which I’m really looking forward to.


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2 thoughts on “Epic Kult of Speed

  1. Alex says:

    Love it mate – Epic Orks always put a smile on my face (that Weirdboy tower!! lol)

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