Epic Warlord Great Gargant

The last miniature for the time being is complete and I’ve now got the initial Waaagh ready for a basecoat.

The original model is really nice so I did just minor touchups to bring it up to speed.

It didn’t have a ccw arm so I made a new one from a castellan and a chainsword.

For the shooty arm I kept the largest and just gave it a bigger muzzle.

So many great details on the back, think I need to add a few orks and grots back there.

That brings us to the Waaagh as I haven’t shown every WiP.


The bommers and the second ork warband detatchment just needed basing so that’s why I didn’t bother with an individual update on those.

Well then..off to the basecoating!


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5 thoughts on “Epic Warlord Great Gargant

  1. Alex says:

    Ahh, the Gargant – crowning glory of Orky know-wots… love it mate 🙂

  2. Ben says:

    I look forward to seeing it painted. Epic can be painted very quickly and easily – I think it was Andy Chambers who said his Orks were basically black undercoat, drybrush silver, add some red bits. That’s much the approach I’m taking, but I’m sure yours will go the extra mile.

    If you don’t mind me asking, I’m trying to replace the weapons on some Epic Stompas myself. Got any good recommendations for sources?

  3. […] as mentioned several times before, I have a big Epic40k army (scroll down to see it bar a few stompas and the mega-gargants). With Adeptus Titanicus it was […]

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