Illuminating the Abyss #12

The centaur and big MB are ready for their basecoat!

It was so little to greenstuff so I just took both at once.

The main thing with Master Blaster was merging the two into one. In addition I added a beak to Blaster to better tie him in with the rest.

Nothing overly fancy here neither just making sure that everything looked well integrated.

I’ll paint them one at a time, centaur first.


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10 thoughts on “Illuminating the Abyss #12

  1. Alex says:

    Oh man, MB is awesome, but that Centaur is on a whole new level of amazeballs! I absolutely love it mate, and I am so stealing that idea… Brilliant!

  2. FTW 13 Painting says:

    The Centaur is Ace !!

  3. heresyofus says:

    Your work is always a pleasure to view. You sir have a wonderfully twisted imagination 🙂

  4. ejhenries says:

    Aced it, ridiculously cool bud.

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