Illuminating the Abyss #25

The Avis Maleficus..

What I’m most happy with this model is that he (or maybe it) is a cross between an alien, a magical being and a very solid and grounded creature with the whole cyborg body but it’s hard to decide which.

One of my very favourites tbh 🙂



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12 thoughts on “Illuminating the Abyss #25

  1. Very nice! The tiny head fits quite well although my favorite part is the ribbed staff that adds to the mechanoid-demon-arcanologist-theme so fine.

  2. Alex says:

    He’s really nice mate – there’s a bit of a Jim Henson vibe about it which is very pleasing!

  3. Joe B. says:

    Squak! Poly wants some oil!
    Sorry, first thought that came to my mind 🙂

    He/it looks incredible and very unique with the mechanical/bird/demon combo on overdrive. The spikes on the back look really awesome to frame in his head.

  4. Nils says:

    Great conversion all around!

  5. Gregory Wier says:

    Really interesting collection of pieces here. The tiny avian head is really striking compared to the rest of its armored bulk. The open book at the top of its staff brings to mind images of GW’s old missionary/preacher model with a chainsword and a book staff.

  6. […] up will be the Avis Maleficus to tie off that […]

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