Blood Pact #14

And thus I proclaim my Blood Pact complete..

It would have been fun to field my Bovem tank in the Vortapt IV campaign but it worked out great nonetheless 😉

As I started to say in this post, the Bovem tank is the final model for my Blood Pact. I feel finished with them but I do have one last great ride to send them into. So the Stalkertank is moved into the misc box and will await there until I find a suitable place for it.

Next up will be the Avis Maleficus to tie off that end.


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11 thoughts on “Blood Pact #14

  1. Wudugast says:

    Ending on a high mate! 🙂

  2. heresyofus says:

    Brilliant model! It’s been an inspired ride 🙂

  3. Alex says:

    Insane – and wonderful! Great concept mate 🙂

  4. ejhenries says:

    Horrifying. I would just hate to be the Guardsmen being charged by that thing, almost definitely be shot by the Commissar as I turn tale a few run from it!

  5. greggles says:

    Your stuff is right up there with Nafnaf as my favorite conversions on the web. Always excited to come back here.

    Please make sure to link your blog to faeit 212. Just shoot him an email at

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