Blood Pact #12

The core of my Blood Pact warband is ready!

Yes I lack a couple of big guys still but the AoM work, warband rules developing and campaign writing I’m just glad I came this far 🙂

Not one but a couple of big guys you say?! Well this one of course 😉

He’s mounted on a 50mm base and is based on a skaven stormfiend. I have some fun ideas for rules here but he needs a basecoat first!


Beastmaster. Tracker.

I really struggled painting Oebarsius but I guess it’s okay. It’s the total group I’m happy with.


Marksman. Scout.

A little homage if you spot it 😉

So that’s it for today, back to work!


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13 thoughts on “Blood Pact #12

  1. Alex says:

    Cool beans dude, this band looks better with every addition! Can’t wait to see the big fella done 🙂

  2. Wow man. Getting cooler all the time.

  3. greggles says:

    Looking totally awesome! So much character. Character everywhere!!!

    Make sure to get your blog relinked with faeit212!

  4. Kristian says:

    I really like the feel of these fellas 😊

  5. […] More individual pics and wip on the latest big guy here. […]

  6. Lexington says:


    This blog somehow fell off of my regular visit list for a bit. Goodness, was that ever a mistake. These miniatures are just incredible, BigBoss.

  7. Adam Wier says:

    Your sniper turned out great. You chose a great Grenadier for the model’s base; the calm and collected stance is perfect for him (works well contrast some of your other models in the group). He looks like he is scanning the horizon for threats (and his head tilted back suggests he is disgusted that he is forced to be so far from his foes).

    He is one of my favourites of your group. I am glad you decided to keep the Grenadier rifle too. It is perfectly sized in my opinion. The modification of the scope is a nice touch too. I would also be remiss not to mention his name. Thanks!

    • I’m very glad you see all the small touches as he gave me no small amount of grief putting him together. But often those builds are oh so rewarding and as a big believer in karma – it paid off 😀

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