Ratpack #1

Always time for more projects right.. 😉

Especially when I’m invited to the Tor Megiddo event hosted by Alexander and Wilhelminiatures!

I decided quite early on to go for a ratskin themed gang as I had thought about doing one for ages anyways.

It is all rather rough but getting there.

There will also be vehicles and beasts down the line so should be a lot of fun 😊


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17 thoughts on “Ratpack #1

  1. Very cool, as always, dude.

  2. Alex says:

    Superb – I really like this beefed up interpretation of the concept – more Mad Max than Tribal Brave – love it!

  3. Wudugast says:

    Cracking conversion and excellent concept. Can’t go wrong with a few ratskins! Looking forward to hearing those engines starting!

  4. riot says:

    very cool. Can’t wait to watch this project develop

  5. Remnante says:

    You’re onto a winner here! That’s a great model 🙂

  6. John says:

    By Oden’s beard that is bad aces!!!!!

  7. Greg Wier says:

    He is looking really nice. It is a neat interpretation of the ratskins in a Mad Max-inspired setting. And despite him being big and imposing, you did not give him equally large weapons (always a plus in my book). Pretty extensive conversion, using the legs of a Genestealer cultist, and the body of a Tzeentch acolyte perhaps?

    • Cheers Greg! As I’ve mentioned I had Fremen (Dune) in mind as well. The knife as a crysknife etc. It was very involved and you’re right on the core parts 👍🏻

      • Adam D Wier says:

        Dune! He needs to keep that blade hidden (or do some wet work with it at least)!

        Fantastic conversion all around. The merger of the different kits for this model is remarkably good. He is a beast of a man. It would be neat to play around with different sized ratskins. Maybe try using fanatic bodies or Doomfire Warlock bodies? They are much smaller and could be used to represent younger warriors.

        I look forward to seeing your next addition to the group!

      • Cheers Adam 😊

        Indeed! I love the entire series and must have read it like three times already 😅
        Definitely going to mix and match to get a varied group. The vehicles will also help in that respect. Very excited to show the first in the next update!

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