Foul Play #6

The Blockers are more or less done and I’ve made three custom star players!

A bit more work is needed on a couple of them but I will let it slide for now.

Simple but does the trick and they fit sculpt-wise very well in with the rest.


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6 thoughts on “Foul Play #6

  1. Adam Wier says:

    Great looking dwarf team thus far! I love the color scheme you decided on. The muddy, orange-yellow works really well with the purple. The faces look nice too, the hint of red works well and makes them look like they in the midst of a heart-pound game!

    Nice to see you are working on Star Players too! The one with the pick axe is my favorite.

    • Cheers Adam! This year is all about reintroducing colours to my palette as I want to move away from the more monochromatic style but still keep it gritty. BTW these guys would look like toddlers compared to your latest miniature 😅

  2. Alex says:

    Very nice mate – the colour scheme is spot on, and those star players look da bomb! 🙂

  3. They’re wonderful. Compliments.

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