Ratpack #8

The Colunibrae tribe..

Tech scavengers..





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9 thoughts on “Ratpack #8

  1. Nice! Awesome ! Very creepypasta and inspirational! I Have just done a blog with My “blanchitsu ” conversions I Will follow your works ! ( And I Hope you Will like my characters and conversions ) well done

  2. Dave Henderson says:

    Can I ask where the bare legs are from on the rear right character in the bottom pic?

  3. What a ragged and awesome bunch! Great work on this group! I’m excited to see more detail on some of the new additions, particularly the monstrosity in the back.

  4. Chris says:

    That’s amazing green stuff sculpting? Liquid green stuff or just hard two part compound mixed?

    Keep up the great work! Love seeing your inspirations.

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