Amid the Murk #2

My Nurgle menagarie of lovely creatures expands!

I have a whole host of ideas and concepts that I will pursue in this series and as I’m holding back on posting pictures of my finished entry for the Monster competition until the due date has passed (12th of november), here’s something new instead, the man-fly;

Made from various parts it is a scaled down version as you can see.

Flock has been used again, and will be one of the key features throughout.

It is a mosquito type of bug that I think would fit in the gardens of Nurgle.

Speaking of gardens..

A great piece of art that really gives a great sense of scale and overview of the gardens.

Another great piece that shows the lush (and terrifying) underbelly of the gardens.

This type of artwork is very often where I base things from as it is always easier to work from a mental roadmap. At least I think so. Another benefit with the black and white pieces is that it leaves a lot up to interpretation. Another element that suits me well.

In addition to the mosquito-man I whipped up some quick zombies.

The zombies are great in either setting. These are made primarily from the Corpse cart.

Had to see how they look with my truescale plague marine, and it really shows how imposing he is!

So that’s it for today! I have a couple more in early wip stage that will also fit nicely here.


PS! In the coming period there will be a wild array of work related to various projects. I am bubbling over with ideas and need to realize them to scratch that itch (no pun intended!)

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2 thoughts on “Amid the Murk #2

  1. Alex says:

    Mmmm! Gribbly!

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