Nestorian Infestation #25

This has been too long in hibernation!

Though it isn’t that strange as Helge’s miniatures for this where off on a photoshoot for White Dwarf and hence birthing the Vortapt IV campaign instead. Nothing wrong with that mind, it was great fun! Now however we are both determined to get this done 😀

Berrugoete, Ordo Xenos Inquisitor and henchmen.

Zahariel, Brother-Librarian and leader of the Deathwatch squad aiding Berrugoete.

But now it is time to see what Nestorian is up to and both me and Helge are expanding and developing the characters in this setting further. It is in many ways a neverending project for both of us!

My first take on the Genestealer cult. The big guy is just ❤️ if I can say so myself!

I have a few goals at this stage that I aim to achieve;

  • Finally get some actual work on my own Genestealer cultists done as I have more than enough Ordo Xenos for now
  • Paint that flyer transport for Berrugoete as it will play a key part in the campaign.
  • Update and expand on the AoM ruleset with the Nestorian Infestation becoming the second campaign pack for it

While digging out my stuff for this I found a discarded wip, a modern take on the Screamer Killer based on the patriarch model. However it ended up bland and boring so I discarded it..until now when I finally figured out how I wanted make the purestrain;

The key difference was changing the head. I used a corpse from the plague cart or whatever it is called. He gives off this vibe of almost being terrified at what he’s doing. Hence I dubbed him the “Screaming Killer”.

Secondary I used the smallest appendages from those plague bugs. All in all a creepy and gangly creature which ticks that nostalgic vibe for me.

I obviously have more on the go while also writing up the first chapter of the Nestorian Infestation campaign. Expect much more moving forwards!


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12 thoughts on “Nestorian Infestation #25

  1. Wudugast says:

    All very nice but I like the screaming killer a lot – the gangly look really works nicely and the all-too-horrified human face helps tie it into the genestealer cult and make for something a lot more terrible than the straight up and down monstrousness of the tyranids. Great to see this project back in action!

  2. Alex says:

    Awesome mate, & ten out of ten for the screamer-killer!

  3. heresyofus says:

    Great to see this back on the table. I’d have to agree with others, that screamer killer is awesome.

  4. […] I’ve dubbed him the Screaming Killer. More here. […]

  5. Ross says:

    Oh man! That screamer-killer is straight out of Dead Space, pure nightmare fuel. Lovely work.

  6. […] was the first one I built. I got the idea from BigBossRedSkull’s own excellent Nestorian creation, the screamer-killer, which instantly reminded me of the necromorphs from the Dead Space games. So […]

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