Invitational II – Regiments of the Thorn Moons

The Rhani of Yhanzi (Night Witches)..


Led by the Puan Zhri Lakshmibai.

This all female unit from the nursing corps has been specialised in jungle warfare and guerilla doctrine, and has been sent to the Thorn Moons to aid the training of auxiliary troops with their expertise.ย 

Armed with autoguns as they function better than lasguns in this enviroment and clad inlight mesh armour which gives both protection and the ability to move they are well equipped for the task.

The nickname โ€œNight Witchesโ€ comes from their doctrine of attacking in the dead of night and the fearsome ghostlike optics on their helmets as wel as utilizing Disharmonicae servitors..

..who disrupt and stress the local wildlife. Driving the beasts towards their allocated target before sweeping in and eliminating the terrified remains..


The WiPs are here.

Different pics will be presented on Iron Sleet in their coverage of the final submissions.

I wanted my Night Witches to have a grim and almost etheral quality, much like the way I understand the Thorn Moons. Hence the glowing blue “ghost lights” from the lenses. Other than that it is a restrained and monochrome scheme where I again work on evolving my metals.

Fun stuff but there’s no rest for the wicked! Meaning I have a ton to do, but it is all good. I’m enjoying myself and I’m in a very creative spot right now.


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9 thoughts on “Invitational II – Regiments of the Thorn Moons

  1. Alex says:

    Superb mate – love the concept, and the execution is delightful. Nice one dude!

  2. Wudugast says:

    Love the grubbiness of them, especially in combination with the ethereal quality of the lenses and the bases. And what’s this about them being experienced in combat on worlds of this type and able to train other regiments?! If only they’d arrived a little sooner my lot wouldn’t have suffered such devastating losses as a result of being completely unprepared for fighting in a forest! Ah well, that’s the way of the Imperium… ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Brilliant man. The colours are great. I really enjoyed the fluff too. You always seem to be in that creative spot hehe ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  5. Migs says:

    Great group!!!

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