Sideshow Extravaganza #12

Never shared the finished gang for Tor Megiddo!

As with all projects I had a ton of ideas and concepts but at some point you need to draw the line. So for this particular gang this is it.

Nice little band if I can say so myself!

Here’s some individual pics of the big guy on top of the bigger thing.

Always nice to wrap things up!


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13 thoughts on “Sideshow Extravaganza #12

  1. Le Bim says:

    Awesome ! Great job !

  2. templeofthutmos says:

    Monstrous and awesome! How did these guys do at Tor Megiddo?

  3. Michael Dunnage says:

    Oh my good Lord!!

    Those are both horrific and awesome!!

  4. Incredible mate. Really love the ball and chain. It’s all very nightmarish! Top notch

  5. Alex says:

    Insane, and brilliant! (brillane? Insalliant? – where’s Peter Andre when you need him!)

    • Party all night. party all night. party all night(roll with da flava)
      Can’t bring myself to sleep
      So i get the keys to my jeepthere’s nothin’ that i ain’t gonna do tonightdial on room number 211 ’cause i hear there a jam that’s goin’ onthe feelin’ is so good in my neighbourhood
      Ooh there’s somethin’ special ’bout tonight..

      Ahemm 😏

      Thank you Alex 😂

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