Nightvault #2

In the pale light of the Moon I play the game of you…

Whoever I am. Whoever you are. All sense of where I am, of who I am and where I’m going, has been swallowed by the dark. And I walk through the stars and sky… a trinity of dreams beneath the moon..

– quote Neil Gaiman; A Game of You

The release of the Gloomspite Gitz spurred me into action.

Now Mollogs mob isnt directly tied to gitz but it is in the periphery. In addition I wanted to bridge my tzeentch stuff into this in a more indirect way and the moon was the perfect thing to tie it in.

Also Mollogs mob is just the shade of weird I like and I wanted to tweak it a few notches further.

Over to the one wip I actually took;

I could probably list all the parts but I basically used the core bits in the Mollogs mob and then sprinkled in a few more to push it further. This made me have to up all base sizes but luckily even my Mollog still fits the grid based Underworlds boards. The best part with these is that I finally found a good use for those delightfully cool moon heads/icons.

Texture is a big thing here. I started by using static grass around the head. I then overlapped with flock and finally an overlap with texture paint which I spread literally around.

Painting this is really demanding for your brushes obviously, so what I did was use simple hobby brushes that I trimmed to get a stiffer brush better suited for the copious amounts of texture.


My Mollog is more sentient than the original. He looks vile and angry which suits the fluff also.

The end result blends the flesh with the more fungal grotto thing I wanted to achieve quite well.


Mollog is partly grown into the bedrock from long periods of inactivity.

The bases are worth mentioning too. I added clipped sprues to simulate cobbles along with my regular mix of sand/dead grass and stones. The thing I like best is the glow they give off which contrast well with the miniatures.


Stalasquig has fallen asleep ages ago..

Playing the mob was interesting to say the least. Now I haven’t played a lot of Underworlds (approx 8 games) but I’ve tried Ironskullz’ Boyz, Eyes of the Nine and now Mollogs. The latter two have a few similarities as they consist of a lot of characters which have a very (if any) lack of actual use but Mollogs are even more extreme.


Bat Squig jumps in spurts and flitter around Mollog..

Meaning you have the core character which will use your actions 90% of the time. I lost my three games but only narrowingly and mostly due to me not having the best deck – which isnt that uncommon tbh 😂 Still I really like the mob as it is a blunt instrument of force (Mollog himself) and that fits my playstyle.

The game (Warhammer Underworlds) in general I would reccommend to anyone wanting something simple to learn and actually quite hard to master. The two best elements are;

1) Great warbands of a fitting size to play around with conversions and painting.

2) Very quick and easy to set up and play. Like 3 games in a couple of hours, no stress involved.


Spiteshroom wanders around full of noxious fumes..

As I mentioned in the beginning this is the start for more Moon tzeentchian gitz stuff. To be able to use them I`m considering which current or future Warhammer Underworlds warband I could convert – and no, Zarbag`s Gitz arent part of them as that`s to simple and obvious 🙂

As of now I`ve narrowed it down to three warbands that I think I could mess about with – however it would be fun to hear your take on what would could be cool?


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14 thoughts on “Nightvault #2

  1. Alex says:

    Holy shit dude, they are superb!! I love your take on this & the minis are absolutely spectacular… all that texture! I’m gobsmacked mate, well played 🙂

  2. Ross says:

    Great set of models, mate! Love the colour palette too, very moody. Underworlds is a top notch little game that I don’t play enough.

  3. Wudugast says:

    Lurvely – beats the official Mollog’s Mob into a cocked hat!

  4. Pete S/ SP says:

    That is great- love how you added the texture in too.



  5. heresyofus says:

    What a stunning mob! The textures are wonderful and I love the sheer quirkiness of the characters.

  6. I really should have commented on these as they popped up on Instagram. But wow. I love everything about this motley mob.
    Awesome conversions, the textures, the colours.
    Just awesome work overall!!!

  7. They look awesome! 😍

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