Dread mob formation. 7th ed is awesome!

Okey so pics inbound!

Here’s my 1500 points dread mob formation out of the ork supplement.


Really happy with how this army turned out. First time I used salt & hairspray weathering and I really worked hard on skin tones and washes.

Big mek Red Skullz with 2 grot oilers and a painboy with two grot orderlies.


My ‘nauts. The left one is stock, the right one is my Kustom built.



My deff dreads.


2 pure combat oriented, 1 with two skorchas.

Next up, killa kans. Rokkit-, big shoota-, and grotzooka kans. In that order.




My favs are the grotzooka kans, both gamewise and modelwise.

Don’t hesitate to ask for WiP pics or other questions!

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12 thoughts on “Dread mob formation. 7th ed is awesome!

  1. Sean Harmon says:

    Great work Redskullz! Glad to see a Dreadmob out there kicking some ass! You have inspired me to finish mine as well. Quick question for you, I have read most prefer the power claw skorcha combo on dreads as a combat dread quickly become statues and lose target priority if imobilised. what are your thoughts as I see you run 2 cobat dreads?

    • Hi Sean and thanks for your comments 🙂

      Dread mob is great fun so I can’t recommend it enough!

      I’d personally recommend going for 3 power klaws and 1 skorcha on each. You really need all of those attacks to make maximum impact.

  2. Sean Harmon says:

    excellent point thank you. final question for ya, shoota kans vs. rocket kans? do you think there is a place for both within the army? apologies for all the questions im about half way through my force and veteran dread mob players are in short supply lol.

  3. Branden says:

    Love the mob Red skullz!! Its absolutely gorgeous! And after reading your battle reports I am fully inspired to start a dread mob myself. Got some kans on the way!
    But I have to ask, what do you feel is the dread mobs biggest weakness? From your reports you seem to wreck a lot!
    And what is your opinion on KMBs on the kans? I’ve been tossing around the idea of a group of rokkits, zookas, and KMBs.

    • Cheers mate and happy to hear it 🙂

      Well the dread mob is more vulnerable than you’d first think. I always use 2-4 units in synergy of each other to avoid being picked apart. I also use cover and kff/mff for all that it’s worth. The KMB us a very dangerous weapon and when you first hit you’ll wreck face no doubt.

  4. Henry says:

    Very nice pics and army in general. Certainly inspiring stuff when trying to paint up my own trio of kans!

    • Cheers mate 🙂 it’s almost a bit embarrassing this post as it’s one of my very first blog posts – though it’s actually one of my most popular ones and that’s obviously great. Do check out my dread mob batreps, there’s quite a few of them. Just filter on dread mob and you should find them quite easily. It’s maybe my all time favorite army both aesthetically and gamewise 🙂

  5. Rommel says:

    What is the point of having the Painboy in this formation? is for the benefit of your Big Mek? or does it give all of the units in the formation Feel No Pain? As this confuses me a bit.

  6. […] for the  #makedeathguardgreatagain challenge! As my regular readers knows, I have a soft spot for dreads […]

  7. […] the  #makedeathguardgreatagain challenge! As my regular readers knows, I have a soft spot for dreads […]

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