So blogging eh 🙂 well why not! In way of introducing myself I’m 33 years (soon 34), father of three boyz and I’m from Norway.
Been involved in miniature wargaming since the early 90s more or less.

Started out with warhammer fantasy, dabbled in 40k, Epic and Warhammer Quest but quickly returned to fantasy. Played fantasy exclusively for the next decade +. Got bored of fantasy and started with 40k. Did check out Flames of war, Blood Bowl and Necromunda.

These days I mainly play 40k. I have 2k+ Chaos Daemons but main army is Orks. Also have Dark Eldar and DKoK in boxes that I will eventually return to.
Fantasy rarely play these days but I’ve got 2k of finished O&G I use when I do play. Do own a large oop 3rd ed big hat chaos dwarf army and the tamurkhan book but that’s for a future project.
Blood Bowl. Got a ton of teams. Favs are Necromancer, Dark Elves and Goblins.

So, should be enough for now! Pictures from now on in my updates 😉

6 thoughts on “Introduction!

  1. Ross says:

    Hail brother! Great to see you’ve joined the world of blogging! Great work so far (those dreads are ace), looking forward to seeing this one progress!

  2. paintingchap says:

    Based in Norway you say, not impossible to draw you to Sweden in the future then maybe for a tournament or two perhaps?

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