On and on and on..

For some reason I felt the itch to paint some boyz instead of continuing building on the stompa. From experience I know that I can’t ignore that feeling as it’s hard motivating oneself to paint 100+ minis for one army.

Anyway, I got to it!


As you can see I went for Deff Skulls on these. I thought originally to go for goffs but I really liked the scheme on the big mek and painboy in the dread mob so I went for it. Glad I did cause I think that they ended up great.


So that’s a painboy with grot orderly and 10 slugga boyz. I wasn’t a fan of the painboy model but while painting it grew on me. Now this is just the beginning, as in 12 of 126 models for my green tide list at 1500. So it goes on..


….and on…


Yeah…what to say eh 🙂
The 10 basecoated are the second half of the ones painted already in the first mob. The 15 in waiting for a basecoat is the first half from the second mob.

So already a decent amount of boyz, and a puny painboy can’t lead that alone. Enter the big fella.


Based on Grukk from the Stormclaw box I made some minor conversions as I like the base model a lot. So the Goff symbol on the pole got changed to Deff Skulls, kombi-shoota into a slugga (look how tiny it is!) and a hat so wysiwyg on da Finkin hat is satisfied. Kinda stumped if I should add some electronic stuff to the kap as per the fluff. Need to think on it some more but input would be appreciated.

Another mini from the Stormclaw set I liked was the grot herder. However I don’t need a herder but a new weirdboy. So here’s where I’m at.




So the basic story here is that yes he’s smaller than a lot of the boyz but he’ll frazzle you if you dare mess with him. Still need to greenstuff the transition from the fur and the cloak and then I think I’m happy with him.

As a parting note. The Nagash and end of times stuff that’s in the pipeline for fantasy got me intrigued! I sold my Stirland themed VC army a few years ago but I love undead so this is gold. I have something very special planned already for this but it all depends on some goodwill (and not from the missus..).

Please drop a comment or two 🙂


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