Green tide formation, part 1

Not entirely correct calling it part 1 as I`ve been building and preparing the list for a bit. However, painting 120+ models for a 1500 points list is kinda daunting so building it is by far the easy part!


Okey so I showed 10 of the boyz with a painboy and grot orderly previously. Here`s the entire mob, 20 strong, fully upgraded and with the weirdboy in tow as well.

green tide part 1


So 23 models out of 126. Quite proud actually, I think the painting standard is rather solid as well. Here are some close-ups of the painboy.


Ugly mug but a rather nice detail on the lower jaw of the painboy.


Really like that arm. Full of small details which I`ve obscured with all of the gore…but still 😉


Hmm, need to tidy up something on the painboy I see but only minor stuff.

Then it`s one of my fav characters I`ve made. He turned out really great and given me some ideas for a second weirdboy as well!


Okey so the entire composition here just really worked imo. The background on him is simple. He might be of a smaller stature but he`ll frazzle you “gud an propah if ya mess wit im”!
The staff is simple I know but I don`t like fantasy staffs in 40k so I made my own out of bitz and bobs that I reckon they would do in that setting. The force conductor on top gives a good spread when he fries you. The frazzled ork skull and bitz of gore is his latest unfortuanate (but deserving?) victim. Important to show who`s the boss! I added a tongue and a spinal cord out of greenstuff to the skull.


Just some small tidbits here, as his collection of humie skulls. 


Okey, money shot right here! So the cloak was a banner which I cut and fitted to his back. Greenstuffed some more fur. Liked the dangly bitz of bones on it. The horn is from a space wolves sprue. Don`t really know why I added it but I used a lot of Rune Priests in my old Space Wolves army so a little nod to that time perhaps. Here you can also se more of the gory behinds. In addition to the skull I added the decapitated foot from a flash gitz bosspole and the thigh from the kroot plastic sprues.

Yeah so that was pretty much it for this time. Got 15 boyz and a warboss PiP (painting in progress) so next update in a few days!


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