Green tide formation, part 2

The momentum of this little waaagh is gaining!


So a new mob, got 15 of the 30 here all done and my warboss based on Grukk. Before I move on to the warboss note that I’ve used some kroot accessories on this mob just to separate them from the other. Also that there is a lot of choppas here (all out of sluggas..) so I’m naming this mob, “da Skinnaz”.

Okay so on to the warboss! Remember that this is a generic warboss with da Finkin Kap.



What a fantastic mini this is! I really like the sculpt. The pose and size is quite similar to the AoBR warboss but Grukk has a totally different bearing and doesn’t look as static.

When we’re on the subject of warbosses, and the AoBR one nonetheless. Here is my take on a warboss with da Big bosspole.



So to break down the conversion:
Body is AoBR warboss
Head is from the previous metal warboss.
Powerklaw I’ve switched arms.
Pole is from an oop minotaur standard bearer.
Top of pole is the gorkanaut faceplate and the claws from the naut feet.
I think this brought a lot of life into what I think was a static sculpt, and the big bosspole is massive with a very nice Deff Skulls motif.

So that’s it for this time. I’ve got the remaining 15 Skinnaz as well as 5 big choppa nobs basecoated and ready for paint. On the WiP side is the warboss, 2 skorcha meks, 5 more nobs and 63 boyz. Yes I’m still motivated, it’s the rush of a proper footslogging waaagh 😀


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