Green tide formation, part 3

The green tide keeps on coming! My painting frenzy is not slowing down and I even managed a game in the other day 🙂
Tested out my green tide list against a mechanized AM list at 1500 points.

I played:
Warboss, pk, finkin kap (warlord)
2*10 shoota boyz w big shoota and pk mob

Warboss, pk, big bosspole
4 pk nobs
6 big choppa nobs
10 rokkits
18 ard boyz
72 slugga boyz

We played crusade, 4 objectives. I got infiltrate and move through ruins as warlord traits. He had Pask.

The two shoota mobs babysat the objectives in my deployment zone. The tide with painboy and warlord attached moved forward covering a large print 18″ away from him and three of his units.

Turn 1 nothing special from me, he killed 25 boyz..

Turn 2 I waaaghed and got the charge in against a vet squad on one objective and Pask and two plasmacutioners he had in his squadron. Totally destroyed both units for first blood and warlord. Big choppas are sweet!
He tries to snipe my warlord with the wyvern, fails.

Turn 3 I assault two vet squads and chimera. Podcast, they go.
He fails to do any significant harm.

Turn 4 i table him and I hold 3/4 objectives and got all secondary off winning 12-0.

On Saturday I’ll test them out again against CSM with daemon allies. All nurgle. The weirdboy will replace the painboy, I’ll use sanctic.

Okay so pics! Here’s 5 of 6 big choppa nobs with eavy armour.


I think they ended up great. Here’s a few closeups.



Yeah the sigar smoking nob is my fav 😀
But nobs ain’t the bread and butter here, that’s boyz. So 15 boyz including 3 rokkit launchas and a pk nob completing the Skinnaz mob.


So the tally so far on completed stuff is:
Painboy with grot
2 pk nobs
5 big choppa nobs
5 rokkit launchas
43 slugga boyz
= 59 models

Not far away from passing halfway through cause I think I have this left:
2 pk nobs
1 big choppa nob
2 TL shoota nobs
5 rokkit launchas
2 big shootas
16 ard boyz
16 shoota boyz
24 slugga boyz
= 69 models

Ehm, I think my math is correct :s

Anyway, until next time!


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2 thoughts on “Green tide formation, part 3

  1. Ross says:

    Crikey, you’re making great progress here brother! I wish I had your motivations! Keep em coming dude!

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