Green tide formation, part 4. Finished!


I’ve not been myself these last couple of weeks..been locked in a constant state of “must paint boyz”. So despite the shitty weather and hence poor light conditions. Here cometh da Tide!


Ah yes. That’s 104 models in the tide and 2*10 shoota boyz on the far left for my 1500 points army. Weirdboy or painboy need to go to get a legal list but they’re still part of the family.

I tried to make small nuances in the tide to give a nod to different klans within and differentiate the two shoota mobs. So first shoota boyz mob 1, ” da Skullz”:


Shoota boyz mob 2, “Dakkalites”:


The on to the tide. From the lowest ranked, ” da Pickaz” that form the majority of the tide:


Then we have the gory lot, ” da Skinnaz”:


Over to “da Braves” (note how few they are..):


Here’s the followers of my weirdboy Zzap Frazzle Pop, ” da Zzappas”:


Operashun livin wall aka going in the front and taking one for the team, ” da Tin Boyz:


My personal favorites in the tide, ” da Facebashas”:


Two of Red Skullz minor meks support the tide as well:


Now for the final two, the big lads themselves Tufgor da Pole bearah & Skulgor, King ov da Loot, Pickah Suprem’ an Gran’ Kommandah ov da Unified Klans ov Deff Skull Lootas:



Okay so pics are shit, you can’t see the glossy blood on the teeth on the squigs for example but I don’t care I’m done with an army of almost 130 miniatures and it feels good đŸ™‚


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One thought on “Green tide formation, part 4. Finished!

  1. […] would end up a mess with more than that. I know this contradict what I did myself when painting my green tide formation (126ish miniatures,) in a few weeks. But something came over me then.. Anyhoo, back to the […]

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