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Mega-armour Warboss. Mine is bigger than yours..

Yesterday I had the most visits in the short period I’ve run the blog. Even more than when Faeit covered me in his “what’s on…” series. Funnily enough it was an even tie between the battle report and part 4 in the meganobs series. So that has definitely given me the confidence to do more battle reports in the future!

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Interlude, getting back to my mega-armour warboss!

As I mentioned in green tide part 4 I still wanted a couple more HQ options for fun and variation. Also I still have a lot of Orks that needs to be brought in line with the current paint scheme.

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Green tide formation, part 4. Finished!


I’ve not been myself these last couple of weeks..been locked in a constant state of “must paint boyz”. So despite the shitty weather and hence poor light conditions. Here cometh da Tide!


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