Stompa getting clothed in. Part 2.

Been a few days since my last update but painting the tide was tiring so I needed a small break. I did however work on the stompa a bit now and then but it was first with a couple of hours this morning I got so far it was worthwhile a blog post.

So front first. Post and pre rivets.



See why I don’t have an issue riveting? The result speaks for itself imho! Okey so I’m emulating the official model (remember?) but with a few tweaks of my own. First off you can see I put him on a base. It’s the mumakil base from lotr. Great size for walker as large as the stompa! Then I’ve got two openings for the belly gunners. And I made a viewing port for the mek on board. In part 3 I’ll deal with the krew so stay with me here!

Back on the build. So now it was to work my way around doing one side at a time.


My measurements and the frame are all free hand. So it’s  hard work getting the plates to cover up the frame without huge gaps but that makes it a believable build from a Deff Skulls mek imo. So post riveting.


Added the pad from the old build. It’s cardboard but it’s perfectly sized so I went with it.

Front angle picture of the build so far.


Yeah that big plate on front needed something more so I made a simple Deff Skullz motif. And as a final money shot, here’s with the head and arm attached.


Happy with the direction this is heading but still a ton of work to do!
In part 3 I’ll deal with the krew and clothing in this bit.


Got some fun ideas lined up so stay tuned 🙂


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