Interlude, getting back to my mega-armour warboss!

As I mentioned in green tide part 4 I still wanted a couple more HQ options for fun and variation. Also I still have a lot of Orks that needs to be brought in line with the current paint scheme.

Okay so on to the warboss in mega-armour. I originally made this build in early 2009. Here’s how I built mine.

Base model is the AoBR Warboss, all the other stuff is from various kits, mainly the big `uns like Defiler and Leman Russ kits


I then put him on a base and added a gob. I find it easier to work when mounted on the base.


As you can see from Barry (the stock boy on the left), a normal boy only reaches him to his hips. He`s a bit bigger than I thought he would be buuuuut that`s just propah innit?  
I also removed the shoulder pad over the klaw arm, this helps balancing the model a lot more in regards to the smaller TL shoota arm.


Several things have been improved at this stage: 
– the sentinel foot now grips the ground 
– the claw has been changed, now I use the BW grabbin klaw, much better scaled
– the hydraulics from the BW grabbin klaw now supports the TL shoota arm 
– horns have been added (looted from synapse/vorropaiah) 
– stikkbombs on the shoulder pad 

At the final build stage I added some orky bling. Added on the pictures are some explanations to the workings of the gun as well.


Now the 40mm was just ridiculously small and wobbly for this giant so before I basecoated him I put him on a larger base.


He’ll get a total repaint in my Deff Skulls scheme with proper weathering and all. I think I’ll have to run him as a count-as Ghazkull cause this one looks like a Lord of War 😀


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8 thoughts on “Interlude, getting back to my mega-armour warboss!

  1. Wudugast says:

    Very nice – and rather inspiring too, I’m struggling to come up with a ‘proppa’ warboss of my own at the moment. Hope you don’t mind that I may take a little inspiration from this beast!

    • Cheers mate! Oh I don’t mind at all, looting is the highest form of praise in this hobby 🙂 btw, funny you should call him beast as when I pulled him out again I associated him with the Mountain from GoT.

  2. 40kterminatus says:

    Very nice. I have a heavily modified warboss planned and your work just might get me moving again 🙂

  3. Ross says:

    Nice work brother! I love his beefy claw!

  4. RoockieBoy says:

    Wow! You’ve done an amazing job! Even though you can’t see me, trust me, I’m tipping my hat off for you!
    Keep it up man!

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