Bully boyz formation. Making my own, part 1

I kinda think I’ve got a thing for formations..lol!

Before dread mob and green tide jumped at me the formation that really caught my eye was bully boyz. 3*5 meganobs, what’s not to like! Well price tag is one issue though. But browsing the waaagh forum I found these two tutorials that fit the bill for scratchbuilding my own:

I’m making a hybrid between these two and sprinkled with some of my own touches.
So here’s the assembly line prepared:


Only had 14 plastic nobs so used one of my spare flash gitz to avoid metal as that would just be a hassle.

Started with the boots.


Looks like utter shit I know but I’m confident that I will sort things out when I start detailing. So yeah, next boot and started with the lower front plate.


Well it’s getting the right shape but it is fiddly work to say the least..

But getting past that the fun bit starts.


As I said I need to get my meganobs proper bulky to fit my MAW! But it’ll be a test of my patience, again..

Okay, enough for today. Going away this weekend so no new update until Monday at the earliest I reckon.


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