Bully boyz formation. Making my own, part 2!

This is fiddly AND time-consuming 😉 Scratchbuilding meganobs that is!

With the leg hydraulics in place I mounted the bullies on their bases. Starting to look like something!


Now I detail the legs so that I’m done with that bit before I continue to the upper body and arms. This includes the knepads. Like this.


And on all of them, like this.


Now unto the torso. First I’m trimming the lower plate and then I glue on the top plate.


I’ll now wait until the glue sets properly before I start on the top.

While it dried I made a simple cutout for the sides that I could use for easy and quick measuring as seen at the feet of the meganob.


The thin strip of plasticard is for the sides and the thick strip for the top. I then used pliers to cut it into shape. Here’s a sideview as well.


With that done I dug out some heads, cut a plate of plasticard to hide the inside, as such:


Front row is pirate (yarr!) heads, second row is bare and third and last is helmets. Just to be able to separate the three mobs.

That’s it for part 2, next will be detailing the torso and beginning on the arms.


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4 thoughts on “Bully boyz formation. Making my own, part 2!

  1. Daniel says:

    I’ll be very interested to see how these lads turn out, Boss. I’ve always wanted to build my own MegaNobz, but only got far enough to convert Terminators in to them so far. This would be my ideal method, but it looks so daunting. Regardless, I am very excited to see more. Thanks for sharing!

    • Waaagh mate! I’ve tried out several methods in the past but this one is a keeper imo. It’s not difficult per see just fiddly and time-consuming. So a healthy dose of patience is a lot more important than skills imo! Have a go, it’s worth it 🙂

  2. Grant says:

    I did 6 Mega nobs similar to this but my work was less neat and uniformed. I use cotton bud’s (cue tip) tube to make Gatling guns for them. another good tip is to shave off 2 edges of a sprue ( so it’s a hexagon) and drill down the middle and then cut in to slices. It makes perfect bolts to make things look good and orky!

    • Thanks mate! I actually have a ton of TL shootas and kombi-shootas so it’s primarily the killsaws and Powerklaws I need to build myself. I don’t think I’ll do the nuts & bolts approach to riveting, but cheers for the tip 🙂

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