Battle report: Chaos Dwarfs vs Wood Elves

Man it’s important to get in a few games each month! I reckon several in my stage of life (full time job, kids, family) got their hands full with real world obligations. I know I have them and so do most of the guys in my club. Still it’s important to take some time off from all of that each week and get some quality nerding with friends.

So this week I had a game against some Wood Elves. This is my first with chaos dwarfs.


We played 1000 points. I had:
Infernal castellan bsb
2 hobgoblin khans on wolf
(not valid I know but this was just a test game so we agreed on it)
29 infernal guard, full cdo
10 blunderbuss, musician
2 deathshrieker rockets

He had:
Sorcerer on unicorn
3 treekin
2*3 warhawk riders
10 glade riders
6 waywatchers

So the game went as you would expect. He outmaneuvred me, killed all the small units I had. Couldn’t do anything about my big block. It was a draw.

First time I’ve played anything but O&G in fantasy in almost 15 years so I didn’t know what my list was supposed to do.
Now I’ve got a better idea so there will be tweaking on the characters equipment and I need something more offensive so I can apply pressure. That means Fireborn or Bull Centaurs  on lower level battles and a Destroyer as planned on larger. Now the blunderbusses hang by a thin thread but I haven’t given up on them either. I’ll figure something out 🙂

Notice the awesome mat? Yes I’ve finally own a Frontline gaming mat! It’s really great I must say. The cheesy advertising in Frontlines batreps are spot on, lol 🙂
Here’s the carry bag for the mat:


And here’s the mat, I’ve got alpine 6*4 feet.


The terrain featured in the game is not mine. I’ll buy and make new terrain for this mat next month.

Okay, so back to fantasy. I’ll do some changes and get another game in next week I hope (or possibly this Friday if the missus agrees). I need to play a bit more just to get to grips with the rules and have a better flow when playing.


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