What would a Chaos Dwarf army be without warmachines? Not a lot to be honest! The steampunk feel of Chaos Dwarfs is one of the things I’m really inspired with.

So per now I’ve got two deathshrieker rockets and one earthshaker. The two deathshriekers are a must in any list I feel!

First I needed to make some bases. I found some busted old dvds that the kids don’t watch anymore.


To raise them I used spare bases and some sprues to make slots for the warmachines. I then glued on cork and the tiled plasticard.


The upside down 25mm bases are the slots for the crew.
Here’s the warmachines and crew ready for basecoat.


Note that the third crewman on the deathshriekers are surplus monopose warriors that I had. The ogre for the earthshaker is from Golgfangs Mercenaries. Love that range of Ogres and I got all 5 of the mercenary ogres and they will all make an appearance in the army.

I painted them up in my standard colours.




Really like how the metals contrast with the pure and clean looking bases. Gives off an industrial feel that’s very suiting. Still need to get the earthshaker finished but I’m waiting on the original banner pole. Love me some banners!

Next in line
I’m hopefully getting in a game tomorrow and on Wednesday so there will be some more batreps. I’m also hard at work on some large stuff that will be centrepiece models in the army.
So stay tuned!


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One thought on “Warmachines!

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