Reinforcements has arrived!

No games this week. Boring!

But I got some other stuff sorted out so all in all a good week. As in major reinforcements!


More of the basics
28ish warriors, a bull centaur and another earthshaker with complete crew.

Actually didn’t have to pay through my nose for this but I still financed it by selling half of my daemons.


The monopose will be used for a variety of things but 19 with full command group and great weapons is definitely being built.


Now the bull centaur is a different matter. I won’t buy more cause they’re simply to expensive but I’ll use this one as a non-bsb castellan for that gw unit. Good times!


The earthshaker however I’m still a bit uncertain on but I think I’ll use it as a basis for a custom built hellcannon. Got some great ideas going there so we’ll see when I have time to do something about it.

Hobgoblin ballistae


Traded some of my remaining half of daemons for these. Now it actually really sucks that you can’t use these as I think they are fantastic models. Though I do have a plan for the crew but it will be with a heavy heart. Maybe I’ll use the ballistae in my O&G army as spear chukkas. We’ll see.

Last but not (or basically they’re least in a CD army) least – Hobgoblins.
I got these from a really good friend, Geir. Ironically enough I first got to know him by selling all of those kroot heads to him in the first place. I’m not buying the original hobgoblins as the prices are ridiculous and not worth it.


I’m making two units. One cheap as chips chaff unit and one with bows for guard duty on my warmachines.
I’ll most likely drop the kroot heads and replace them with goblin heads. I’ll have to greenstuff new noses then but that’s easy enough. The kroot heads are great but not fitting with my theme.


Awesome unit filler!

The conversions are really great and I dig the bowmen. I think these will fit really well in my army.


Summed up
There’s plenty left to do, that’s for sure! And I need to get to work on my new terrain as well.  I’ve ordered more hobby supplies as I’m running low on paint, sprays and brushes. Looking forward on getting started on all of this and hopefully getting a proper big game (3k+) in during the Christmas holidays 🙂


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5 thoughts on “Reinforcements has arrived!

  1. Ross says:

    What a nice haul brother! Disappointed to hear that you sold off your daemons to fund it though 😦

    • Cheers brother! Aye it is indeed a pity but i didn’t hit the nerve I wanted and it all ended up as a rush job tbh. Best bit in that army was the KoS build and that’s it. The positive bit about the sale is that it got us a brand new hobbyist. That’s awesome any day.

      I do really want to make a chaos army one day as it has eluded me for almost 20 years and it annoys me. So one of these days brother!

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