Finally finished the eartshaker (and some WiP hobbos)!

For some reason this took ages! Anyway really happy with the end result. The vintage ogre is the highlight for me here though I must say I love all of the old warmachines from the 4th edition range.




Still got another earthshaker with crew but I think I’ll use that one for an eventual hellcannon conversion. I also have a few more warmachines lying in pieces but haven’t decided what and when I’ll do anything with those.

Next up for me is getting the hobgoblin unit ready so I have a valid 2k list all painted! Here’s a few WiPs of that unit.


The hobgoblins as I got the from my friend Geir


New heads and full cdo group


Greenstuffed new noses and ready for basecoat

Until next week!


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3 thoughts on “Finally finished the eartshaker (and some WiP hobbos)!

  1. Ross says:

    Awesome work brother! I love the addition of that ogre too!

  2. […] fun stuff there! Meanwhile, go check out my finished Earthshaker Cannon and some WiP Hobgoblins right here. Opinions on the Iron Daemon. Does it fit in or not? chaos dwarfs, hobby, warhammer fantasy […]

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