Battle report. Dread mob vs AM

Pre-game stuff:
1500 points
Mission: Cloak and shadows
Primary: achieve as many tactical objectives as possible
Secondary, slay the warlord, first blood, linebreaker
Deployment: Dawn of war

He had:
Infantry platoon
2 heavy weapon squads
1 valkyrie
1 vendetta
2 standard lemans
1 vanquisher

I had:
Dread mob formation
– Big mek 2 mega forcefield, eavy armour, bosspole, 2 grot oilers
– Painboy w 2 grot orderlies
– Morkanaut w Kff, grot riggers
– Gorkanaut w grot riggers
– Deff dread w 4 powerklaws
– Deff dread w 4 powerklaws
– Deff dread w 2 powerklaw, 2 skorchas
– 3 killa kans w big shootas
– 3 killa kans w rokkit launchas
– 3 killa kans w grotzookas

Warlord traits:
– Orks: Waaagh-mongerer
– AM: draconian diciplinariam

Psychic powers: nil

The game
Deployed and ready!


Turn 1:
He got first turn. Moved each heavy weapon team on one objective each and the platoon on an objective in the defense line. Got one tactical objective.
One leman hit the morkanaut but Kff saved it. Vanquisher hit a deff that saved as well. Last leman hit my warlord but his mff saved the day.


Moved everything forward. Onto two objectives but no tactical.
Started shooting, forcing a heavy weapon team to take a morale check, failed it. 3 tactical points for me. I then gunned it down and got first blood.


Turn 2:
Valkyrie comes on, vendetta stays in reserve. He moves forward. Important to get those objectives!


Valkyrie takes 1 hp of center deff. Then leman get a direct hit but doesn’t do any damage. Left dread saved a hit from the vanquisher. Bless the Kff. Then the last leman hit the gorkanaut but the mff saved. His platoon moves towards the center objectives.

I advance forward. 1 deff towards the platoon, the two other and morkanaut on the right flank leman.
Gorkanaut and big shoota kans on the skyfire objective. Grotzooka kans move into new cover.
Shooting. Grotzookas take out the last heavy weapon team. Gorkanaut takes down the valkyrie. My dice are HOT!
One deff then assault the platoon. Hammer of wrath and normal attacks take 8. I win but since they have Yarrick they hold. Old man was luckily too far away.


Turn 3:
Vendetta comes on, disembarked the vets behind the morkanaut..


Morkanaut is taken out by the vanquisher. Explosion kills 2 vets. Their meltas take 2 hp of my right dread. In combat I kill two more and Yarrick is still to far off.

Grotzookas target the left leman. My two dreads go for the right leman. Rocket kans move up to support the dread in combat.
Shooting, my big shoota kans killed two more vets. And that’s it.
Assault my two dreads charged the left leman and took it out. The rocket kans assault the platoon. Yarrick glance 1 hp off the deff. In retaliation they take out the platoon and kill Yarrick. Maybe. Iron will..


Turn 4:
Vendetta moves on my hq. The rest move in cover. Yarrick rises.
Shooting. Nothing happens.

Yarrick attacks the deff but gets smashed in the ground again.


My zookas go for the left leman. Dreads on the right towards the middle leman. Shoota kans towards objective 2 for a tactical objective. Rocket kans towards objective 4 for two tactical objectives.
In the shooting phase the gorkanaut blasts the vendetta but it makes all the jink saves. Zookas kills the servitors. Shootas kill two more vets.
The zookas then assault and glance the left leman to a wreck.


Turn 5:
He can’t do much now. Yarrick gets up. Shooting does nothing. Yarrick assault and gets beaten down again.

I target the tacticals and score 3 in one swoop. Gorkanaut kills the vets.

One dread reach and charge the last leman and glance it to a wreck.


Turn 6
Vendetta comes on. Target my hq again. Old man bounced up as well.

Vendetta doesn’t hurt my guys. Lucky blue!

Yarrick then assault and yes, he’s down again.

I’m lucky with my cards again. Rocket kans take down the tech priest for d3 = 2 points. Gorkanaut is already on objective 3 and take 1 point. In total I hold 3 objectives for my last point.

Game ends. 14-1 to me. Yay 😀

Post-game thoughts
Wow did my dice rock today! Both the Kff and mff kept me in the game and I managed to respond better to the maelstrom cards than I could’ve thought.

Was a fun and fast game and shows that you can’t dismiss the dread mob!

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2 thoughts on “Battle report. Dread mob vs AM

  1. Nick Sick says:

    nice report, thnx. you should try to free the points for another cad with a warboss. “dread mob” gives all your walkers ‘ere we go meaning that they benefit from waaaagh! (run AND charge) and reroll one dice on the charge!

    • Cheers 🙂

      Yeah but then I need to play a higher points value. 1750 for example. Yes I could tweak my 1500 list but then I’d lose the force fields and that’s a no go 🙂

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