Time to get a new army project prepared!

I’ve already talked about what possible projects I had outlined for 2015 in my new years vow.

Changed my priorities around after a mate finally started on his Elysians (the very ones that handed me a bitter ass kicking).

Now it’s these fellas.


That’s right, Death Korps of Krieg aka DKoK 😀 oh and I’ve got more.


So that’s more or less a:
Command group
20+ infantry
3 heavy bolter teams
3 mortar teams
3 lascannon teams
2 medusaes
2 centaurs
1 trojan

Not pictured are:
Baneblade chassis
As per now unknown number of chimeraes and leman russes. Pending eBay auctions..

I plan on pushing my skills for this army. Much like I did with the Chaos Dwarfs but even further. Maybe I’ll dare call it showcase level in the end. Maybe.

So how do I plan on doing it? Well high level of painting, custom work on the tanks and knight. Yeah, pretty much that. I need to use more time and precision to achieve that. That means no shortcuts and cobbled together plasticard orky constructions (though they’re great fun) but conversions that fit seamlessly with the stock kits.

First up will be a centaur with crew as a test piece for the infantry and for how I’ll paint my armour. It’s pleasantly small so I have time to work on techniques not large areas.

Here’s some pictures on my assembly of it.




Quicker than I thought building this thing. It’s very small but it’s still 6 guys in it!

That’s enough for today. I really should finish that Destroyer and those CD warriors but this is fun..

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